Marine Services


The Ocean Star is available as a charter vessel for purposes that may include and are not limited to:

  1. Forestry work,
  2. Environmental surveys,
  3. Wildlife or Marine Mammal surveys,
  4. Shore Studies or Work,
  5. Engineering
  6. Live aboard camp, with support vessels for shore access or work.

The MV Ocean Star is a certified twelve passenger vessel and is capable of housing eight guests on board and a crew of three. We offer a fully certified crew which includes, The captain with a 150 ton Masters ticket and is legally allowed to carry paid passengers, and a qualified Chef.Our on-board chef has many years of experience as well as a 100 Ton mariner’s ticket,so he may be used as a backup captain. All first aid tickets are in place as well. If safety is your concern, the Ocean Star has full liability insurance in place, for those who require it. Owned and operated by Willis Crosby as Captain, whom has 50years experience on the water, operating under all weather conditions. Our fleet of support vessels includes 1 – 26 ft Stripers, and two – 23 ft Custom built Aluminum skiffs. Both certified by Transport Canada. These support vessels are also equipped with trap haulers for prawns or crab.

We also have the ability to do sediment sampling with one of our boats equipped with a winch that has an 8,000 lb lift capacity.    Whether you are looking for a camp boat or a vessel for field studies we are available. We feature a 4’ X18’ dock for loading and unloading people, gear etc.  The aft deck area is enclosed and heated for company meetings and/or as your private work space. The aft deck area has an eight person table, coffee maker, fridge, and extra seating for larger groups. Whatever your needs are, we will accommodate your group.

Transport Canada Approved

Certified for Passengers

Meets All Safety Standards

Experienced Crew

Captain with 150T Marine Masters Tkt

Great Accommodation